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(May 2009)

Alnavco lower US BB Tillman IV D2 design A126 above US BB Design 65 8B A141b


WPB2 Project 65 8 A next to TILLMAN 4D design

WPB 3 Project 65 8 B alongsided CVB 58 United States Design

WPB BB65 8 A next to USS IOWA

A141A and A513 Montana Design 65 8A USS Saratoga CV2

A513 USS Saratoga A510B CV41B A510A CV41A

A541A BB65 8A at 33 knots

A541A BB65 8A largest and fastest BB ever designed for USN

A1401 BB65-8 12 16inch 67000 tons 33 knots

Alnavco 1 A141B BB65 8 B

Alnavco 2 A141B BB65 8B












USS Oklahoma BB A124, USS Ranger A518, USS Wasp A519

USS Ranger A518 USS Wasp A519

USS Ranger CV4 A518

USS Ranger CV4 A518

USS Wasp CV 7 A519

USS Wasp CV7 A519

USS Wasp A519

(January 29, 2008)

A139 USS South Dakota 1942 firing a four gun salvo to port

A140 USS New Jersey 1968 on trials firing 5inch secondaries

A139 USS South Dakota November 14 42 in action

A140 USS New Jersey 1968 on the gun line near the DMZ

F105 French BB Gascogne 1940 Project firing four gun salvo to port

G103 H39 with 15inch firing C and D turrets to starboard


(January 20, 2008)   Warship Models

Warship Models 001

Warship Models 002

Warship Models 003

Warship Models 004

Warship Models 005

Warship Models 006

Warship Models 007

Warship Models 008

Warship Models 010

 Warship Models 011

Warship Models 012

Warship Models 013

Warship Models 026

Warship Models 030

Warship Models 031

Warship Models 032


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