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Bobby Weymouth photos from 2007:


(July 3, 2007)


1916 Lexington Design 35000 tons 10-14 A203

A205 CA2D

Lexington 1916 Design 2

M2 Neptun 1561 Maestrale Italian DD 1937

Neptun 1660 2 Soviet DL Baku 1940

Neptun 1660 Soviet DL Baku 1940

One A207 CAC and two A205 CA2D

Superior A205 CA C Pre Alaska design 1940

 Superior D Class Light Cruiser RN 1940 2


(June 29, 2007)


Superior B403 Two Dido class RN CLAAs

Superior HMS Lion 1939 B102

NEW Neptun 1632 Krasnyi Kavkaz Soviet Cruiser

Superior B102 Lion Class 1939 Design 2

Neptun 1632 Krasnyi Kavkaz Soviet Cruiser

Superior B111 and B102s bombarding beach with six MAUS tanks

B304 HMS London 1942 RN CA

Superior front two B304 London class and rear 3 B102 Lion class

Superior B201 HMS Hood in action to starboard

Superior Lion Design 16E38 B111 cruising the Atlantic

B304 HMS London British CA 1942

NEW Neptun 1632 Krasnyi Kavkaz Soviet Cruiser 1940

New Superior A205 CA2D USS Valley Forge

SNB 7 Superor J308 Mogami CV CA 1944

SNB 8 Superior J308 Mogami CV CA

SNB 12 IJN Mogami and IJN Kitakami J308 and J409

Superior G3 British Battlecruiser 1921 B204 2

Superior G3 Class RN Battlecruiser 1921 B204 1

Superior J111 A140 with six 20[1].1inch guns of J109 A150


(May 30, 2007)


3 P German tank company Pzkw V Panthers await on a bluff overlooking the landing beach[1].

HMS Repulse B203 vs two German M class G405

Superior three B305 Dorsetshire Classs CA 1941

Youngermans Alcase and Amagi Masters


(May 21, 2007)
A note from Bobby Weymouth:

Here are the pictures of my latest photo shoot, pay particular attention to the last two, they are of the alternative armament scheme, A140 armed as A150, with six 20inch guns.

Shinano can be created by taking J109 and giving her the armament of J107 Yamato. That is, take Yamato's 9-18inch main battery and place it on A150, creating SHINANO, third ship of the Yamato class (improved AA battery 20 3.9inch).

A134C with 16 16inch guns

A134C with 16 16inch guns

A105 USS IOWA looking for trouble

Two F106 Alsace class in action

A105 USS IOWA firing a broadside to the port quarter

J111 with armament of J109 six 20 inch guns


(May 7, 2007)

Superior A128 USS Virginia firing a broadside to starboard

Superior A128 USS Virginia firing a salvo to port

Superior A503 Sangamon CVE26 four flight ops 1

Superior A503 Sangamon CVE 26 class four in flight ops

Superior USS Lexington A203 1916 CC1

Superior Three Normandy French Battleships 1915

Superior A203 USS Lexington CC1 1916 Design

Superior 1934 2 A137 and Max BB 1934a A134A

Superior A107 USS Montana BB 1946 2

Superior A107 USS Montana BB 1946 1

Superior A110 USS Idaho BB

G203 OPQ with triple fore secondary mounts

Superior A207 1940 CB Design CA C 20000 tons 12 8inch 2

Superior A207 Cruiser Design CA C 1940 20000 tons 12 8inch

Superior A207 US CB Design CA C 1940 20000 tons 12 8inch

USN Fast Carriers Essex and Independence class


(April 26, 2007)

I103 RM Battleship Littorio at speed

I302 RMS Zara Italian CA 1940 2 at battlestations to starboard

I302 RMS Zara Italian CA in action to port

I403 RM CL Bande Nere and I302 RM CA Zara

J109 Type 798 Super Yamato fires the second of two 3 gun salvos to starboard

Neptun 1087 K3 gunboats 2 and Superior G203 OPQ BC Design 1939

(March 30, 2007)

German Schlachtschiffe Projekt H-44 shown at speed Superior G105

SMY31 AVP1 USS Kitty Hawk 1941

SMY31 Carrying 10 F6Fs USS Kitty Hawk AVP1 1941

SMY31 USS Kitty Hawk 1941 AVP1

SMY31 USS Kitty Hawk AVP1 1941

Superior F601 Le Fantasque French DL 1944

Superior F603 Le Hardi French DD takes a torpedo hit to starboard

Superior French DL LeFantasque F601 at high speed under fire

Superior J107 IJN Yamato 1945

Superior KW45 50 G208 German Battle Cruiser Design 1939

Superior Le Hardi French DD F603

(March 8, 2007)

CMP 1090 AP74 USS Lejeune Transport

J114 Hiraga design 35000 tons 10 16 inch in action to starboard

J115 Hiraga Design from Port Quarter firing secondary batteries to port

J115 Hiraga Projected Design 1931

J115 Three of the Hiraga Design cruising looking for trouble

Neptun 1392 USS Bayfield APA 33 USN 1944

Neptun 1392c USS Griggs APA 110 USN 1944

BB65I A133 Superior

Superior A125 BB65D receiving torpedo hit with Turret 3 out of action and fires in superstructure and midships

SMY18 USS Salinas AO 19 1940 Saratoga Model Shipyard

SMY 08 USS Kanawha AO 1 1940 Saratoga Model Shipyard

SMY 28 USS Pyro AE 1 USN Ammunition Ship

(February 16, 2007)

A404 / A310





J114 with a Yamato Mainmast

Two J114 and one J115 fitting out Several M45 and M5 assisting or tied up to piers

NEPTUN 1205 Japanese Battleship Hiei 1939

NEPTUN 1205 Japanese Battleship Hiei 1939


New Year Photos

Click on any picture to see a larger image.

A note from Bobby Weymouth:

This group of pictures is my way of telling my special naval friends how much I wish each and everyone of you has a Happy, Joyous and Prosperous New Year.


    CA2 D A205 and six Fletch Class DD A605 sweeps Japanese home

    Gniesenau refitted 1943 with 38cm guns fires three gun salvo to starboard

    German battlecruiser Moltke OPQ G203 cruising toward home

    IJN Kumano CA J305 steaming towards Sunda Straits early 1942

    Two 137 BB 1934 2 in action secondary batteries to port and stbd

    J110 Nihon Kaigun Senkan Kai Type No 13 making turn to starboard

    J110 No 13 Japanese Fast Battleship 1927 fires after turrets to

    J110 Type 13 Last installment of the 8 8 program firing to starboard
                              with turrets 1 and 3

    Neptun Gneisenau with 6 38cm N1004 one Z43 DD N1060 one T22 TB
                              N1067 with air cover German bombers

    Deutschen Schlachtschiffe Bismarck N1002 firing at HMS Hood 24 May

    Neptun German CV Graf Zeppelin N1010 with Ju87 Stuka conducting air

    Neptun N1002 Bismarck bow on view

    A138 two North Carolina Class and five Farrugut class DD

    German Subs 6 Type XIV left 4 Type VII and TB T12


    J111 A140 YAMATO at speed battle stations to starboard

    HMS RENOWN fires a four gun salvo to port

    KW45 G208 Derfflinger in heavy seas while fleeing Allied battle cruisers

    A209 does a job on J202 Chichibu Type 795 IJN BC

    J110 No 13 Japanese Fast Battleship 1927 fires after turrets to starboard

    Red White and Blue USS Oregon A137 Design 1934 2 coming stateside

    SCOUTING FORCE A202 and C1 Scouts in action

    A137 USS Oregon Design 1934 2 firing secondaries on all quarters

    Storms'a'comin 3 Design 1933 BC turn to starboard in face of storm front

    USN Battle Cruiser and Large Cruiser Development 1916 to 1945

    Two A137 Design 1934 2 bow on in action

    A209 in action for port with main battery to starboard with secondaries

    A138 NC Design XVI engages J106 IJN Nagato

    BB 1934B engages J111 A140 and the latter is aflame

    Battle line two A137 two A138 and one A209 to rear in action

    2 A209 in action Main batteries to port secondaries to starboard

    Two A138 engage A140 and lead US BB taking it hard

    A134c engages YAMATO A140 both take damage


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