Waterline Models of the Warships of the Napoleonic Era
These are metal waterline model kits of sailing ships that fought the great sea battles of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. They are very finely and accurately detailed and are available in two scales, 1:700 and 1:1200. To give you an idea of the relative sizes, letís use Nelsonís flagship HMS VICTORY as an example:

1:700: Model Hull Length: 4î. 1:1200: Model Hull Length: 2 1/4î

Both scales can be used for wargaming or displayed as fine collectorís models. Any modeling paints can be used as can ìCrazy Glueî or equivalent for assembly and finishing.



This is a large line of 1:1200 (1=100) waterline pewter Napoleonic era sailing ships exhibiting the outstanding quality of all GHQ products. The sails are cast pewter and are billowing. Assembly and painting instructions are included.
111L'OCEAN, 120 Gun Ship 'o the LineNA.
121LE BUCENTAURE, 80 Gun Ship 'o the LineNA.
131L'ACHILLE, 74 Gun Ship 'o the LineNA.
132LE SUPERBE, 74 Gun Ship 'o the LineNA.
14140 Gun FrigateNA.
211HMS VICTORY, 100 Gun Ship ' the LineNA.
221HMS BOYNE, 98 Gun Ship 'o the LineNA.
231HMS BELLONA, 74 Gun Ship 'o the LineNA.
24132 Gun FrigateNA.
25118 Gun BrigNA.
25220 Gun Sloop 'o WarNA.
2618 Gun SchoonerNA.
26214 Gun CutterNA.
291West Indies Merchantman$7.75
341USS CONSTITUTION, 44 Gun FrigateNA.
391Baltimore PrivateerNA.
431EL MONTANES, 74 Gun Ship 'o the LineNA.
44122 Gun XebecNA.
15120 Gun CorvetteNA.
232HMS AGAMEMNON, 64 Gun Ship 'o the LineNA.
242HMS SHANNON, 38 Gun FrigateNA.
243HMS Hamadryad 38 Gun Frigate$8.95
411Santissima Trinidad 120 Gun Ship$12.50
421San Jose 112 Gun Ship$11.95

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