All vehicles come five to a pack unless otherwise indicated.


FR1Char B1-bis, Inf (Heavy) Tank w/ hull-mounted 75mm Gun$8.95
FR2Somua S-35, Medium Tank w/47mm Gun$8.95
FR3Hotchkiss H-39, Cavalry (Light) Tank first produced in 1939$8.95
FR4Panhard 178, Armored Car w/ 25mm Cannon$8.95
FR5Renault R-35 , Light tank, main French Inf Support Tank$8.95
FR6Somua MCG-5 Halftrack, 1940 Armored Personnel Carrier$8.95
FR7Tracteur Blinde 37L, Personnel & munitions schleppers (Asst)$8.95
FR8Renault R-39, Cavalry (Light) Tank$8.95
FR9Hotchkiss H-40, Cavalry (Light) Tank$8.95


G133SdKfz 9/1 FAMO F3, 18-ton Halftrack with 6-ton crane (2)$8.95
G136SdKfz 9/1 FAMO F3, w/spade (2)$8.95
G15SdKfz 222, Four-wheeled Car, two versions 4/1)$8.95
G52SdKfz 234/2 Puma, Eight-wheeled Car w/ turreted 50mm Gun$8.95
G53SdKfz 234/2 & 3, Eight-wheeled Car, two versions (3/2)$8.95
G61SdKfz 234/4, Late war Car w/opened-topped 75mm PAK 40$8.95
G82Bergepanther, Armored Recovery Veh, Panther hull (2)$8.95
G102SdKfz 251/C 7, Combat Engineer Halftrack$8.95
G103SdKfz 251/C 3 $8.95
G104SdKfz 251C 2 $8.95
G105SdKfz 251C 16 FLAMM, Flame-throwing Halftrack$8.95
G106SdKfz 251/C $8.95
G107SdKfz 251D 1, Simplified Infantry Carrier, 1943$8.95
G108SdKfz 10/1, One ton Light Prime Mover$8.95
G125SdKfz 251D 2 $8.95
G126SdKfz 251D/D 8, Late war Armored Ambulance (4)$8.95
G128SdKfz 251D 22, PaK 40 mounting 75mm Antitank Gun$8.95
G132SdKfz 7, Eight ton Prime Mover$8.95
G160German Panzer Recon Team24 x Individual Infantrymen NA.
G161German Nightfighter Kampfgruppe Boxed Set: PzKw V Panther G Tanks w/infrared sights (8)Sd.Kfz 251/1 Halftracks w/infrared sights (8)Sd.Kfz 250/7 "Uhu" Halftracks w/Infrared Searchlights(4)$35.00
G18SdKfz 250 Alt, Light Reconnaissance Vehicle$8.95
G34SdKfz 250 9, Light Halftrack with 20mm gun (6)$8.95
G90SdKfz 1 $8.95
G91SdKfz 250 5 $8.95
G93SdKfz 250 71 & 71I, 81mm Mortar & Ammo Carriers (2/2)$8.95
G99SdKfz 251/C 1 & 10, Command & Infantry Carriers (1/4)$8.95
G101Panzergrenadiers, Halftrack passengers action poses (100)$8.95
G144Individually-based Infantry (78 )$8.95
G145Individually-based Heavy Weapons (74 )$8.95
G505Individual Artillery Crewmen$8.95
G506Afrika Korps, Individual Artillery Crews (60 )$8.95
G507Afrika Korps, Individual Infantry (60 )$8.95
G508Afrika Korps, Individual Heavy Weapons (60 )$8.95
G511Light Anti-Tank Weapons 1943-45 (4)$8.95
G512Fallschirmjager, Individual Weapons (50 )$8.95
G513Fallschirmjager, Individual Heavy Weapons (50 )$8.95
G56Support Wpns, Inc 37mm AT Gun w/ stielgranate (Asst)$8.95
G73Cavalry, Mounted riders with pack horses (24)$8.95
G74Cossack Cavalry, Cossacks in German service (24)$8.95
G76Rifle Company, Minus the Weapons Section$8.95
G80Heavy Weapons, MGs w/81mm $8.95
G98Seated Infantry, Truck passengers (100)$8.95
HC01Main Battle Tanks of WWII (Group 1) German PzKw IIIG, PzKw VI A Tiger 1; U.S. M4A1 ShermanBritish Crusader I; Russian T34/76C, 1943, KV-1A 1940 $8.95
HC02Main Battle Tanks of the Modern Era (Group 1) U.S. M1A2 Abrams, M2A2 Bradley (IFV); German Leopard II British Challenger 2; Russian T-55A, BMP-3 (IFV) $8.95
HC03FIGHTER PLANES OF WWII (Group 1) U.S.P-51B Mustang; British Supermarine Spitfire;German Focke Wulf 190$8.95
Self-Propelled Guns and Rockets
G11PzJag Elefant, 88mm Antitank Gun , Porsche hull$8.95
G110Hummel, 150mm Howitzer on modified PzKw IV hull$8.95
G111Nashorn, 88mm Antitank Gun, modified PzKw IV hull$8.95
G112Marder III 7.62(r) , SP captured Russian Antitank Gun$8.95
G116Marder II, Self-propelled 75mm Antitank Gun$8.95
G117Wespe, Self-prop 105mm Howitzer on PzKw II hull Halftracks$8.95
G119PzJager IB, Early SP 47mm Antitank Gun on PzKw I hull$8.95
G121sIG 33 PzKw IB, Early SP 150mm Gun on PzKw I hull$8.95
G17STuG IIID, Aslt Gun w/ short 75mm how , PzKw III hull$8.95
G23STuG IIIF, Aslt Gun w/ high vel 75mm Gun, PzKw III hull$8.95
G26Jagdpanther, Enclosed 88mm Antitank Gun, Panther hull$8.95
G38Jagdtiger, 128mm Gun on Tiger II hull$8.95
G43Hetzer, 75mm Gun on enclosed 38(t) hull$8.95
G47STuG IV, Aslt Gun w/ high vel 75mm Gun on PzKw IV hull$8.95
G48Brummbar, Up-armored PzKw IV w/enclosed 150mm How$8.95
G49PzJag IV, Two versions of this Tank Hunter$8.95
G58PzJag 38(t)M Marder III, Pak 40 Antitank Gun, 1943 version$8.95
G59Bison 38(t)M, 150mm Howitzer on open-topped 38(t) hull$8.95
G70Sturmtiger, Armed with 380mm Mortar (4)$8.95
G72Pak 40 SPAT, 75mm Antitank Gun on RSO chassis$8.95
G84STuG IIIG & STuH 42, 75mm Gun & 105mm Howitzer versions$8.95
G89PzJag 38(t)H Marder III, Pak 40 Antitank Gun, 1942 version$8.95
G12237mm FLAK 36: Towed, Limbered & deployed AA Guns (6)$8.95
G12320mm Quad FLAK; Towed, Pack inc Primer Movers (2 ea)$8.95
G127SdKfz 251/C 17 FLAK 38, Single barrel 20mm FLAK Gun (4)$8.95
G129SdKfz 251D 21 Drilling, Triple 1.5mm FLAK Gun (4)$8.95
G1488mm AA Gun, Deployed 88mm Guns$8.95
G149Kugelblitz, Twin 3cm Guns on PzKv IV chassis $8.95
G45Wirbelwind, Five quad 20mm & 2 Ostwind turrets$8.95
G60FLAK PzKw 38(t) M, 20mm FLAK Gun on Czech hull$8.95
G69FLAK 36 & Sd 7, 88mm Guns & Prime Movers (2/3)$8.95
G86FLAKPanther, 1845 prototype called $8.95
G92SdKfz 10/4 SPAA 20MM, SP single barrel FLAK Gun (3)$8.95
G94SdKfz 7/2 37mm FLAK 36, Single barrel 37mm FLAK Gun (3)$8.95
G95SdKfz 7/1 20mm FLAK 38, SP 20mm quad FLAK Gun (3)$8.95
G9620mm FLAK w/Protze, Towed & deployed Guns (2 ea)$8.95
G141Motorcycles w/Side Cars (16)$8.95
G146Stahlwagen (HF7), horse-drawn (4)$8.95
G148Bussing-Nag 4500 A-1 Heavy Truck$8.95
G253-ton Opel Blitz, Standard 4x2 Medium Truck$8.95
G371.5-ton Daimler-Steyr, Standard 4x4 Cargo Truck$8.95
G40Comd/ Recon, Motorcycle/ Kubelwagen/ Kettenkrad (4 ea)$8.95
G502Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper (4)$8.95
G503Sd.Kfz. 232 $8.95
G510Sd Ah 116 Tank Transporter (1/1)$8.95
G652-ton Opel Maultier, Halftrack Opel Blitz$8.95
G66Opel Blitz Variants, Utility & fibreboard bodies (3/2)$8.95
G67Schwimmwagen, Amphibious Command Car (10)$8.95
G71Raupenschlepper, Tracked Cargo Carrier, two types$8.95
G75Horse-Drawn Wagons, Cargo & Ambulance var (3/1)$8.95
G77Kfz 15 & Kfz 17, Command & Radio Cars (3/2)$8.95
G79Command Pack, Steyr-Daimler Cars & Trucks (3/2)$8.95
G97Krupp Protze, Light Transporter & Prime Mover$8.95
G113PzKw IIA, B, C, Armed with 20mm$8.95
G114PzKw IIB, Final variant, Russian & North Africa$8.95
G115PzKw IB, MG LT, Blitzkrieg & Barbarossa campaigns$8.95
G118Befehlswagen, Command version of PzKw I$8.95
G131Pz 35(t) , Captured Skoda tank 1939$8.95
G140E-100 Super Heavy Tank, under development at end of war$8.95
G142PzKwIIIE, Medium Tank$8.95
G19PzKw VG, Two versions of the late war Panther$8.95
G22PzKw IVF2, KwK40 L/43 75mm Gun called $8.95
G27PzKw IIIM & FLAMM, Inc gun & flamethrower turrets$8.95
G28PzKw IIIL/ N, 3-KwK39/60 50mm /2-short 75mm How turrets$8.95
G32PzKw VI Tiger II, w/improved Henschel turret$8.95
G4PzKw IIIF/G, Armed w/'short' KwK l/42 50mm Gun$8.95
G44PzKw IVH, L/48 75mm Gun; model has side skirts$8.95
G5PzKw IVD, Inf Support Tank with short 75mm Howitzer$8.95
G504PzKw II L Luchs$8.95
G6PzKw VI Tiger I, Early vers w/conventional road wheels$8.95
G64PzKw IVF1, Last version of Mk IV to mount 75mm How$8.95
G68PzKw VI Tiger I, Late version w/steel road wheels$8.95
G7Pz 38(t), Produced for the Wehrmacht 1939$8.95
G78PzKw VI Tiger II, Porsche turret, used on Western Front$8.95
G81PzKw VA & D, Early versions of the Panther$8.95
G83PzKw IIIJ, Up-gunned w/'long' KwK39/60 50mm Gun$8.95
G85PzKw VF, Prototype with 88mm gun & schmal turret$8.95
G87Maus, Super Heavy Tank, late war (2) Self-Propelled Guns$8.95
G88PzKw 38(t) SdKfz 140/2, Rec version of Czech Tank$8.95
G109PAK 40, Towed & deployed 75mm AT Gun w/ Sd 11 (2 ea)$8.95
G120PAK 38, Towed & deployed 50mm AT Gun w/Sd 11 (2 ea)$8.95
G130PAK 43/41, Towed & deployed 88mm AT Gun w/Sd 7 (2 ea)$8.95
G124sIG Inf Gun, Towed & deployed w/Prime Movers (2 ea)$8.95
G134s Feld Haubitze m 18, 150mm How w/Prime Movers (2 ea)$8.95
G135le Feld Kanon, 105mm guns w/Prime Movers (2 ea)$8.95
G50021cm Morser m.18 Corps Howitzer (2)$8.95
G501G10.5cm le Feld Haubitze m.18 Corps horse drawn1/1/1$8.95
G54105mm Howitzer, Includes Prime Movers (2 ea)$8.95
G63150mm Nebelwerfer, Towed & deployed w/ Prime Movers (2 ea)$8.95


UK22AEC MkI Armoured Car, Used in North Africa$8.95
UK31Marmon Herrington MkII, Recce Car, North Africa (4/1)$8.95
UK34Staghound Armoured Car, Saw service in 1943-45$8.95
UK40Otter Recce Car, Canadian-built mid-war Vehicle$8.95
UK46Daimler Armoured Car, Served 1941-45$8.95
UK47Humber Armoured Car, MkIV, Entered service in 1944$8.95
UK50Daimler Dingo Scout Car, Used throughout WWII$8.95
UK51Humber Armoured Car MkII, Entered service in 1940$8.95
UK27Rifle Company, Minus Weapons Section (100)$8.95
UK35Armored Infantry, Halftrack Passengers & MG's (Asst)$8.95
UK44Heavy Weapons, Mortars, MG's, PIATS & ATR's (Asst)$8.95
UK59Individual Infantry, action poses (60 )$8.95
UK60Individual Heavy Weapons, LMGs, 50mm Mortars (50)$8.95
UK19Bishop, Valentine hull mounting 25-pounder$8.95
UK456-Pounder Antitank Guns, w/ crews & Prime Movers (2 ea)$8.95
UK482-Pounder Antitank Guns, w/ crews & Prime Movers (2 ea)$8.95
UK4925-Pounder Howitzer, w/CMP Quad Tractor Prime Mover (2 ea)$8.95
UK53Archer, Late war SP Antitank 17-pounder on Valentine chassis$8.95
UK5440mm Bofors, With Morris tractor (2 ea)$8.95
UK56Sexton, SP 25 pounder$8.95
UK6317 pdr Antitank Guns w/Crusader Prime Movers (2/2/2)$8.95
UK64BEF 25mm Antitank Guns w/Crews $8.95
UK665.5 $8.95
UK14Universal Carrier MkII, Bren Carrier Utility Vehicle (8)$8.95
UK24Bedford QLT, Late war general service Truck$8.95
UK26Bedford QLD & QLR, 3-ton Lorry & Radio Van (4/1)$8.95
UK28Morris 15-cwt, Light general service Truck$8.95
UK33M5A1 & M9A1, Lend Lease Halftracks (4/1)$8.95
UK41C-15 TA, Armored Truck, used 1944-45$8.95
UK42CMP 15-cwt Truck, Canadian-built Light Truck$8.95
UK43CMP 3-ton Truck, Canadian built Medium Truck$8.95
UK52Thornycroft 4x6, General service Truck$8.95
UK10Churchill III, Heavy Tank with 6-pounder Gun$8.95
UK11M3 Honey, Early Stuart; Lend Lease Tank$8.95
UK13Firefly Sherman, M4A4 modified to take 17-pounder Gun$8.95
UK15Achilles, U.S. M-10 Tank Destroyer up-gunned w/17 pdr$8.95
UK16M4A1 Sherman, Lend Lease cast hull Sherman$8.95
UK17M4A4 Sherman, Lend Lease mid-war Sherman$8.95
UK18Valentine MkII, Infantry Tank w/ 2-pounder Gun$8.95
UK20Cromwell MkIV, Issued to 7th Armoured Div in 1944; 75mm Gun$8.95
UK21Challenger, Cromwell hull modified to take 17-pounder Gun$8.95
UK23Comet, Cromwell hull modified to take 17-pounder Gun$8.95
UK25Valentine Mks III & XI, Two marks with desert service$8.95
UK29Crusader I, Desert service with 2-pounder Gun$8.95
UK30Crusader III, Up-gunned Crusader with 6-pounder Gun$8.95
UK32Churchill AVRE, Armed with 290mm Spigot Mortar$8.95
UK36MkVI B, Two versions of this early Light Tank (4/1)$8.95
UK37A9 Cruiser, Early war Tank with 2-pounder Gun$8.95
UK38A10 Cruiser, Improved A9 with 2-pounder Gun$8.95
UK39A13 Cruiser, Final Cruiser variant; Served in North Africa$8.95
UK4Matilda II, Early Heavy Tank with 2-pounder Gun$8.95
UK55Churchill VII, Heavy Tank$8.95
UK57M4A4 Sherman$8.95
UK58Firefly Sherman VC w/17 pdr$8.95
UK61Sherman w/Crab Flail (3)$8.95
UK62Sherman DD, Amphibious Tank w/canvas skirts (4)$8.95
UK65Late War Sherman w/o skirts$8.95


IT1M 13/40 Medium Tank, Improved 11/39 w/turreted 47mm Gun$8.95
IT11Bersaglieri, Elite Rifle Company personnel (128)$8.95
IT12Breda 20mm AA Gun, Towed, deployed w/Prime Mover (2 ea)$7.95
IT1347mm Antitank Guns, Towed & deployed w/Prime Movers$8.95
IT14Breda 20mm Portee, Mounted on an SPA35 Medium Truck$8.95
IT15SPA35 Dovunque, Medium Truck$8.95
IT2Autoblinda 41, Standard Italian Armoured Car I$8.95
IT3Semovente 75mm, Assault Gun w/Carro Commando Veh (4/1)$8.95
IT4Semovente 90mm Gun, w/Ammo Carriers & trailers (2 ea)$8.95
IT53RO Lancia Truck, Heavy Truck$8.95
IT6M 6/40 Light Tank, Early war Tank with 20mm Gun$8.95
IT7P 40 Heavy Tank, Used during Italian campaign$8.95
IT8II/39 Medium Tank, Early tank w/ sponson mtd 47mm Gun$8.95
IT9Semovente 47mm, Early war Assault Gun$8.95
IT10Infantry Company (Squad stands)$8.95
IT16Individual Infantry, action poses (60 )$8.95
IT17Individual Heavy Weapons, LMGs, 50mm Mortars (50)$8.95
IT18Individual Bersaglieri$8.95
IT19Bersaglieri Heavy Weapons$8.95
IT21Individual Artillery Crewmen$8.95
IT22L3-35 Tankette$8.95


J1Kyu-Go Type 95, Light Tank w/ 37mm Gun$8.95
J2Shinhoto Chi-Ha, Medium Tank w/low velocity 57mm Gun$8.95
J3"B" Infantry Company, Minus Heavy Wpns Section (169)$8.95
J4Heavy Weapons, MG's plus light/medium Artillery (6/2/2)$8.95
J5Ka-Mi type 2, Amphib tank w/wo/ buoyancy gear (2/2)$8.95


R32Russian Cavalry Pack, includes pack animals (24)$8.95
R34Rifle Company, Minus Weapons Platoon (126)$8.95
R36Heavy Weapons, Guns, Mort$8.95
R48Individual Infantry, action poses (60 )$8.95
R49Individual Inf Heavy Weapons, LMGs, 50mm Mortars (50)$8.95
R10SU-100, Enclosed 100mm Antitank Gun on T-34 hull$8.95
R21SU-76, Open-topped vehicle with 76mm gun$8.95
R28SU-152, Enclosed 152mm Howitzer on KV hull$8.95
R30BM/12N Katyusha, 132mm truck-mounted rockets (4)$8.95
R35ISU-122/152, Late war Self-Propelled artillery (4)$8.95
R37SU-76i, Captured PzKw III w/limited traverse 76mm gun$8.95
R39M17, Lend Lease quadruple .50 caliber AA Halftrack$8.95
R40SU-57, 57mm Antitank Gun on Lend Lease chassis$8.95
R44GAZ Antiaircraft Truck, w/ quad-Maxim MG mount (4)$8.95
R4737mm Model 1939 AA Guns, w/ GAZ prime movers (2 ea)$8.95
R54Artillery Crews, Standard Uniforms$8.95
R6SU-85, Enclosed 85mm Antitank Gun on T-34 hull$8.95
R8SU-122, Enclosed 122mm Howitzer on T34 hull$8.95
R12GAZ 67B, Light car, equivalent to Jeep (8)$8.95
R1376.2mm $8.95
R14BA-64, Light Armored Car based on GAZ 67 (8)$8.95
R19Howitzers, 122mm & 152mm w/ Prime Movers (2 ea)$8.95
R22Studebaker, Lead Lease 2 1/2 -ton Truck$8.95
R23VT-34, Recovery Vehicle based on T-34 (2)$8.95
R31203mm Howitzer '35, Two Prime Movers included (2 ea)$8.95
R3845mm Antitank Guns, w/guns, limbers & tractors (2 ea)$8.95
R41100mm Antitank Guns, Towed & deployed w/Trucks (2 ea)$8.95
R42GAZ Trucks, double and triple-axeled Trucks (3/2)$8.95
R43ZIS Trucks, Heavy Soviet-built Truck$8.95
R45BA-10, Armored Car w/ turreted 45mm Gun$8.95
R4657mm Antitank Guns, Deployed guns w/crews$8.95
R1T34/76 Model 1941, Two versions from two factories$8.95
R11JS-3, Introduced in 1945; Nicknamed $8.95
R15T-60A, Recon Tank; non-amphib version of T-40 w/45mm Gun$8.95
R17T34/76 Model 1942, Two versions from two factories$8.95
R18T34/76 Model 1943, Two versions from two factories$8.95
R2T34/85, Two versions from two factories$8.95
R20T-70, Recon Tank w/45mm Gun; replaced T-60 starting in 1942 (6)$8.95
R24KV-1, 1940, Two versions from two factories$8.95
R25T-26, Light Tank, Finish Barbarossa campaigns$8.95
R26KV-1S, $8.95
R27BT-5, Fast Tank armed with 45mm Gun, introduced in 1933$8.95
R29T-28, Early war Tank w/L-10 76.2 Gun turret $8.95
R3KV-1, Early Heavy Tank w/76mm Gun$8.95
R33BT-8, Fast Tank with all welded hull$8.95
R4KV-2, Early war Tank with a 152mm How mounted in huge turret$8.95
R5JS-2, Stalin Tank with 122mm Gun, two versions$8.95
R52T-35 Heavy Tank, early war (2)$8.95
R7KV-85, Interim Heavy Tank w/85mm Gun; Lead to Stalin series$8.95


US51M3/M3A1 Halftrack, Armored Infantry Carrier$8.95
US52M2 Halftrack, Gun-towing Halftrack$8.95
US54M2 & M3 Detail Pack, Inc tarps, racks, gas cans, etc (Asst)$8.95
US55M16 MGMC, With quadruple .50 cal AA MG (4)$8.95
US56M3 with Tarpaulin, Perfect for designating HQ units$8.95
US57M4A1 MMC Mortar Carrier w/aft-firing tube$8.95
US62T30 75mm Gun MC, Mounting M1A1 Howitzer$8.95
US63M15A1 MGMC, AA Halftrack w/ 37mm Gun/ 2-50 cal MG's (4)$8.95
US64T19 105mm Howitzer, Early war SP Howitzer$8.95
US65M3 GMC, Tank Destryr w/M1897A version of French $8.95
US66M15 Special, SP 40mm Bofors Antiaircraft Gun (4)$8.95
US40Army Rifle Company, Minus Weapons Platoon (128)$8.95
US41Heavy Wpns Mortars, Machine Guns, Bazookas, etc. (Asst)$8.95
US53Seated Armored Infantry, Passengers & MG's (Asst)$8.95
US76Individual Infantry, action poses (60 )$8.95
US77Individual Heavy Weapons, LMGs, 50mm Mortars (50)$8.95
US44LVT 2, Tracked Amphibian, called $8.95
US45LVT(A)1, Armed with 37mm gun (3)$8.95
US46LCVP, Landing Craft called Higgins Boat (3)$8.95
US47LCM 3, Heavy Landing Craft with Sherman tank (1/1)$8.95
US48LVT(A)4, Armed w/ open turreted 75mm Howitzer (3)$8.95
US60LVT 2, Waterline models with infantry load (6)$8.95
US19M8 Greyhound, Six-wheeled Armoured Car w/37mm Gun$8.95
US20M20 Utility Car, Six-wheeled Car w/ Machine Gun$7.95
US59White Scout Car, Reconnaissance Vehicle$8.95
US78T8E1 Recon Stuart$8.95
US84WC-54 Dodge Ambulance$8.95
US30M31 ARV, Armored rec Vehicle built on Lee Tank hull (2)$8.95
US72M26 Tank Transporter (1)$8.95
US27M12/M30 155mm Gun open-topped hull w/ M30 Ammo Carriers (4)$8.95
US29M8 Howitzer Carrier, Stuart hull w/ 75mm Howitzer$8.95
US5M7 Priest, Open-topped M3 Hull, M1A2 105mm How$8.95
US73M40 Open-topped M4 hull mounting M3 155mm Gun$8.95
US11Jeep, With trailers, Machine Guns & Recoilless Rifle (8)$8.95
US162 1/2 ton Fuel Truck, Hard cab GMC Tanker$8.95
US372 1/2 ton GMC, Open cab version of standard Truck$8.95
US381 1/2 ton Weapons Carrier, Dodge Vehicle, two versions$8.95
US393/4 ton Weapons Carrier, Dodge light 4x4 Vehicle$8.95
US42DUKW 353, Amphibious Truck$8.95
US58Cargo Trailers, Cargo & POL Trailers (4/4)$8.95
US67Amphibious Jeep, 4x4 Amphibian called $8.95
US69M29C Weasel. Tracked Amphibian$8.95
US72 1/2 ton GMC, Hard cab version, one w/ pulpit MG mount$8.95
US707 1/2 ton Mack NO, Heavy Truck$8.95
US812 1/2 ton GMC Dump Truck$8.95
US822 1/2 ton GMC Workshop$7.95
US832 1.2 ton GMC Compressor $7.95
US91 1/2 ton Chevrolet, Hard cab 4x4 Cargo Truck$8.95
US17M36B1 Jackson, 90mm Gun in M36 turret on M4A3 hull$8.95
US21M10 Wolverine, 76mm Gun, open-topped turret, M4A2 hull$8.95
US24M36 Jackson, 90mm Gun in modified turret on M10 hull$8.95
US43M18 Hellcat, 76mm Gun opened-topped turret on fast chassis$8.95
US1M4A3E8 Sherman, Late war Tank w/76mm Gun$8.95
US2M3 Lee, Tank w/ turreted 37mm $8.95
US22M4A3E2 Jumbo, Up-armoured assault Sherman$8.95
US23M4A1 Sherman, Cast hull Medium Tank w/76mm Gun$8.95
US28M5/M5A1 Stuart, Mid-war Stuart, two versions$8.95
US32M26 Pershing, Late war Heavy Tank w/ 90mm Gun$8.95
US34M24 Chaffee, Late war Tank with 75mm Gun$8.95
US4M3A1 Stuart, Early war version of this Light Tank$8.95
US50Sherman Access, Mine roller, dozer blade/ calliope (1/2/2)$7.95
US74M4A3 75mm Sherman$8.95
US75M4A3 105mm Sherman$8.95
US10155mm Howitzer, Towed Gun in deployed mode$8.95
US2576mm Antitank Gun, Towed Gun in deployed mode$8.95
US4957mm AT Gun, With Weapons Carrier Prime Mover (4/2)$8.95
US6175mm Pack Howitzer, Jeep Prime-Movers inc (3/3)$8.95
US68M2 Long Tom 155mm How, Towed w/Prime Mover (2)$8.95
US71M2 Long Tom 155mm Howitzer, Deployed (4)$8.95
US8105mm Howitzer, Towed Gun in deployed mode$8.95
US80M5 Tractor w/155mm Howitzer (2/2)$8.95
US85Artillery Crews, Standard Uniforms$8.95


AC1P39 Aircobra. U.S. Fighter armed with 37mm cannon (2)$8.95
AC10British P51B Mustang, w/ Malcom canopy (2)$8.95
AC16Hawker Hurricane, British Ground Attack Plane (2)$8.95
AC19P38J Lightning, U.S. twin-boomed Fighter (2)$8.95
AC27IL-2m3 Sturmovic, Russian Ground Attack Plane (1)$8.95
AC33Ju87 G-1 Stuka, German Dive Bomber w/37mm cannon (1)$8.95
AC7P51B Mustang, U.S. Long range Interceptor (2)$8.95
AC8Focke Wulf 190, German mid-war Interceptor (2)$8.95
AC9Meserschmitt Bf109G, German mid-war Interceptor (2)$8.95
AC41Hs 129B$8.95
AC42Yakolev 9T $8.95
AC44DFS-230, German Fallschirmjager Glider (2)$8.95
AC47Polikarpov I-16, Soviet WWII Fighter (2)$8.95
AC49P47 Thunderbolt, (Razorback) U.S. WWII Fighter (2)$8.95
AC50Hawker Typhoon, U.K. WWII Ground Attack (2)$8.95

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